Box Construction

SouthernStone Cabinets offers multiple quality construction options to fit your budget and meet your design needs. Our products feature European style, frameless construction, allowing full access to the interior of the cabinet. Efficiency, innovation, and pride in our products mean our cabinets meet or exceeds the highest standards for workmanship and materials in the industry.

We want our dealers to have complete flexibility in designing cabinetry that meets the needs of their customers. With this in mind, we have the ability to “mix and match” any of the below construction features to create a truly unique, one-of-a-kind, design for you.

Cabinet Box Construction

To offer the utmost flexibility in construction and design, SouthernStone offers 3/4” box construction. Our product offering includes domestic plywood, imported plywood and melamine. The 3/4” plywood we use is prefinished UV-coated and all three box construction methods requires either laminated or veneered finished ends.

SouthernStone Cabinets sources our domestic Maple Plywood from Columbia Forest products for their Purebond system. This product is Formaldehyde Free, environmentally safe soy based adhesive that they have developed exclusively for their use. To learn more about why you should consider our maple ply boxes please visit their link to learn more.

  • Meets TSCA regulations
  • Is Carb2 compliant
  • No-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF)
  • LEED® credit

Birch Plywood is an imported product typically from South East Asia. It is our most popular cabinet construction material used. All imported plywood is required to meet the below standards.

  • TSCA regulations
  • Carb2 compliant
  • No-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF)

We offer our standard melamine boxes in white or maple wood grain finish. However, our company’s flexibility allows us to offer many additional colors and textures outside of the standard offering. All melamine options meet the following criteria:

  • Made from repurposed and recycled wood fiber.
  • TSCA regulations
  • Carb2 compliant
  • No-added urea formaldehyde (NAUF)
  • Possible LEED® credit

Finished Ends

For visible cabinet ends, SouthernStone offers the following:

  • Veneer – Matched to your paint or stain of choice.
  • Laminate – A Composite material available in a wide array or colors. Closest color match must be determined by our dealer.
  • Melamine – Check with your dealer for available options

Edge Banding

SouthernStone utilizes the closest color coordinated PVC edge banding as the standard edge treatment of our panel products. We also offer premium edge banding treatments including DLV, laminate and veneer.


SouthernStone uses Blum fully concealed six-way adjustable hinges on all of our products, excluding Outdoor Cabinetry. The Blum hinge is a time proven, high-quality hinge used globally by leading cabinet manufacturers. Our standard hinge is a 110° opening with integrated soft-close technology. Additional hinges with greater opening capacity are also available.


You’ve picked your door style and colors now it’s time consider the many accessory options to best organize and maximize your useable space. Have a blind corner cabinet that you are looking for ideas on how to utilize the whole cabinet. No problem consider the many options Rev a Shelf has to offer. Looking for a two bin hamper for your closet or laundry room to separate your whites and darks. Check out these options from Hafele.

Cabinet Care

SouthernStone’s line of cabinetry requires minimal care and cleaning. We recommend periodic cleaning with a slightly dampened soft, non-abrasive cloth and dry immediately with a like dry cloth. Never use a wet cloth that allows water to run down the cabinetry and always dry cabinetry immediately if water is spilled onto the surface. In the event additional cleaning is needed we recommend a small amount of very mild detergent like Woolite. More abrasive cleaners like ammonia or dish detergent will damage your finish.

Touch Up Kit

SouthernStone recommends including a touch-up kit on all orders. We can provide touch-up kits and/or coloring crayons for minor nicks and scratches.


Download our cabinet construction specifications.


We’re happy to answer any questions you have about our cabinet box construction.

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